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Deborah Sampson
Nomination Form 

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Official Deborah Sampson Nomination Form

Deadline for nominations is May 11, 2022

Any nominations received after this date will not be reviewed

The nominee must be a woman who resides in Massachusetts. The nominee must have served on active duty for the U.S. Military, Reserves or National Guard.  It is essential to include answers to the following:

  1. Provide an overview of the nominee’s military service, awards and pioneering efforts for women in the military.

  2. Describe any personal sacrifices or hardships the nominee endured in order to serve the military.

  3. Please specify the nominee’s accomplishments toward the enhancement of female veterans through community service and participation in veterans’ organizations.

  4. Why does this nominee merit special recognition as an Outstanding Woman Veteran? Please be specific.


Please provide a written explanation of why you nominated this person.

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